What Is ETFE Roof?

ETFE roof is transparent roof made of ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene ), which is a polymer (plastic) material called ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. This material; It stands out as being light, flexible, transparent and durable. ETFE roofs are generally used in architectural projects. These roofs are quite different from glass in that although they are transparent like glass, they are lighter and more flexible.

ETFE material; It has advantages such as high light transmittance, durability, low weight and energy efficiency. In addition, this material is fire resistant. Thanks to these features, ETFE roofs; It is preferred as roof covering in gyms, shopping malls, airports and other large building projects. ETFE roofs offer architects and designers the freedom to apply different shapes and structures.

What Is ETFE Roof Made?

ETFE roof construction often involves a complex process. First, architectural, engineering and security requirements are determined in detail during the design and planning phase. Subsequently, the carrier systems of the roof, structural support systems usually made of light and durable materials such as steel or aluminum, are installed.

ETFE panels are produced specifically according to the specifications of the project. These panels are generally in the form of a film layer and are mounted on the roof. The assembly process is carried out using connection points integrated into the roof’s carrier system .

After assembly is completed, ETFE panels are usually coated with a special coating to ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance. This coating increases resistance to environmental factors and extends the life of the panels.

ETFE roofs generally offer a light, transparent and energy efficient solution. Due to these features , it is preferred in sports complexes , shopping malls, museums and many similar architectural projects. However, since each project is designed uniquely, the construction process of ETFE roofs is usually adapted specifically for the project.


Where are ETFE Roofs Used?

ETFE roofs are used in various building projects. These roofs are preferred in many architectural applications due to their durability, lightness and transparency. Some areas where ETFE roofs are commonly used are as follows:

  • Sports halls: ETFE roofs are widely used in the roofing of sports complexes . These types of roofs provide natural illumination thanks to their light transmittance and also offer energy efficiency.
  • Shopping malls: In large shopping malls and commercial complexes, ETFE roofs are frequently used due to their advantage of providing natural light to interior spaces .
  • Airports: ETFE roofs can be preferred in areas such as airports, terminal buildings and waiting areas. These roofs allow light to enter the interior spaces thanks to their transparent structure.
  • Museums and exhibition areas: ETFE roof systems are used as an aesthetic and functional option in cultural building projects such as museum buildings and exhibition areas.
  • Education and sports facilities: ETFE roofs offer a comfortable environment for students and athletes in areas such as schools, universities and sports facilities.
  • Botanical gardens and greenhouse areas : ETFE can be preferred in botanical gardens and greenhouses because it lets in the sunlight that plants need.
  • Concert and event venues: Concert halls and outdoor event areas are among other types of structures where ETFE roofs are commonly used.

ETFE roofs can be a part of many different architectural designs due to their structural flexibility and aesthetic potential. As Uzaykon , we have been carrying out R&D work on this subject for years and we maintain our claim in this sector with the projects we have prepared. You can contact our company to get detailed information about ETFE roof systems and our other areas of work.

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