What is Skylight System?

Skylight system is a system that allows natural light to enter interior spaces through special glass panels or windows placed on roofs or walls. Thanks to this system, the interiors of buildings receive more daylight and are brighter. Thus, significant energy savings are achieved and the interior atmosphere becomes much more spacious.

Skylight panels are generally mounted on the roof or high walls. It directs sunlight to the interior spaces thanks to these panels. These panels are made of special glass or polycarbonate materials and are produced in various shapes and sizes. Skylight systems are especially preferred in different types of buildings such as large shopping malls, gyms and office buildings.

Advantages of Skylight System

Skylight systems have many advantages. Among these advantages, the main ones are as follows:

  • Natural Light: Thanks to the skylight system, natural sunlight enters the interior spaces, thus making the interior of the building extremely bright.
  • Energy Saving: With the introduction of natural light into interior spaces, the electrical lighting needs of buildings are reduced. In this way, a significant decrease in energy costs is observed.
  • Aesthetic Design: Skylight panels add an aesthetic touch to the structure. In addition, this system gives a modern and spacious look to interior spaces.
  • Indoor Comfort: Thanks to natural light, a more comfortable atmosphere is created indoors.
  • Real Estate Value: Skylight system increases the value of buildings. This system also positively affects the saleability or rentability of the building.