What is Gridshell Uniform System?

Gridshell – uniform roof system is a special structural design and construction method used in modern architecture. This system, in which the roof and facade elements are arranged according to a certain grid pattern, offers aesthetically impressive views. At the same time, this system allows the creation of durable and efficient structures.

The Gridshell System has become an important tool for architects to realize their innovative designs. Factors such as durability, aesthetics and flexibility have increased the popularity of this structural approach. Gridshell is a flexible structural approach that can be implemented in both uniform and freeform forms. There are some advantages offered by this system:

  • Design flexibility: The Gridshell system provides great flexibility in the design of complex and organic forms. With this system, architects are allowed to design creative projects by going beyond traditional plane configurations.
  • Three-dimensional geometry: Gridshell uses the combination of different materials to create three-dimensional geometric structures. This makes it possible to support various forms and curves of structures.
  • Aesthetic contribution: Gridshell structures offer aesthetically magnificent and interesting images. Grid layouts are becoming an important component of architectural design, making structures visually impressive.

Countries Where Gridshell System Is Commonly Used

Gridshell System has been used in large projects in many countries around the world. The use of this structural system is especially common in the following countries:

  • England: Gridshell is extremely widely used in England, where it is considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture. This system is preferred in England, especially in free-form buildings and art galleries.
  • Germany: Germany is one of the centers of innovative architectural projects. Therefore, the Gridshell System, which is an innovative system, is frequently preferred in Germany as a part of projects. This method is frequently encountered in museums, exhibition areas and cultural centers.
  • Italy: The Gridshell System attracts great attention in Italy, another country with aesthetically rich and original architectural projects. This system is frequently used in areas where historical buildings and modern design combine in Italy.
  • United States: Gridshell is a structural method preferred in the USA, especially in educational and cultural buildings. It is widely preferred in areas such as universities, libraries and art centers.