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Uzaykon is one of the leading companies in Turkey, providing turnkey services in terms of its business, from drawing to construction. Although space roof is our feature, not only steel structure but also facade cladding, glass facade, aluminum/glass curtain walls, etc. in an area of ​​12,000 m2. It offers a complete package that includes: Uzaykon is also busy with membrane structure.

Uzaykon structures are constructed with completely self-manufactured elements. Uzaykon space roof elements can be in a wide variety of forms, flat sheets, arches, domes and pyramids, and can be used in various bridge and tower constructions.

In collaboration with architects and our customers, our engineers realize visions by combining function and aesthetics.

Bringing visions and creative ideas together requires structural physics laws, technical knowledge and experience. Engineering goes from concept to assembly.

A team of experienced professional engineers, technicians and mechanics decide what is safer and more suitable.

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